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CV tips for .NET Developers

April 2019

I’ve seen quite a few CVs for .NET Developers over the years and unfortunately some people are let down by common mistakes. This is a list of tips and suggestions, in no particular order. These are my personal opinions, not the official view of any current or previous employers.

  • Keep it to two or three pages.

  • Emphasis your more recent roles as they’re the ones more likely to be relevant to the role you’re applying for.

  • You don’t need to be good at spelling to be a good developer but if you know you’re not, get someone else to check over your CV for you.

  • Don’t say you’re an “expert” in something unless you really mean it, e.g. you’re Jon Skeet or have written a book on the subject.

  • It’s ASP.NET not Asp.net or asp.net, or ASP.Net, or ASPNET, or asp.NET or even ASP .NET.

  • Don’t say you have good attention to detail if you have mistakes/typos in your CV (see also the above).

  • Everyone “Works well on their own or as part of a team” so don’t waste space saying this.

  • Avoid mentioning your quirks, save those for the interview.

  • Mention sports/hobbies - you might find you have some in common with the interviewer and it’s a good ice breaker.

  • List the duration of each job/contract, not just the dates - it’s much easier for the interviewer to get a timeline in their head.

  • If you have a large gap in your CV then a good interviewer will ask about it, don’t be afraid to explain it up-front.

  • Leave off irrelavant work experience or at least reduce the amount of space it uses up. If you worked in a shop for a few years it’s fine to list it but don’t waste space explaining that you “worked in a customer-facing role in a busy retail environment”.

  • If you’re applying for an ASP.NET and C# job, don’t go into great detail about your previous PHP experience from 10 years ago. Leave off, or don’t emphasis technologies that are defunct or you don’t want to work with anymore.

  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile matches your CV, it will probably be looked at an inconsistencies could raise concerns, e.g. different job titles or durations.