Monthly Archives: July 2007

Filter for WinMerge

A lot of web development tools like Dreamweaver and FrontPage like to create annoying files and folders throughout a build. I’m sure they’re useful to somebody, but they just get in the way when you’re doing a comparison of two builds.

I thought I’d share a basic filter I’ve made for WinMerge, which makes it ignore any junk files created by Dreamweaver, FrontPage and Windows.

Folders ignored:

  • _vti_cnf
  • _notes

Files ignored:

  • Thumbs.db
  • _vti_cnf
  • dwsync.xml

I’ll probably add more files to this list as I discover them, but for now please feel free to download the filter. If you have any suggestions, please add a comment to this post.

Using SysInternals Process Monitor to troubleshoot permissions problems

I recently found a good use for Process Monitor which I hadn't thought of before:

If you ever have problems with software not working and you suspect it may be a permissions issue, run Process Monitor while the software is running and look for any ACCESS DENIED messages in the Result column. It's much easier than guessing the permissions you need to set.

Note: Process Monitor is an enhanced replacement for Filemon and Regmon but Filemon would still do the job.